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Examination Policy

Examination Policy

There will be two terms, the 1st Term from April - Sept. and 2nd Term from Oct.-March, Each term will have two formative and one summative assessment as below

Exam Type Syllabus Tentative Month Weight age for Final Type of Exam
FA-1 April & May Last Week of May 10% Pen/Pencil
FA-2 April-Aug Mid of Aug. 10% Class Test/Project
SA-1 (Half Yearly) April to Sept. 1st Week of Sept 30% Pen/Pencil
FA-3 Oct. & Nov. Last Week of Nov. 10% Class Test/Project
FA-4 Oct. - jan. 1st Week of Feb. 10% Pen/Pencil
SA-2 (Final) Oct. to Feb. 2nd Week of March 30% Pen/Pencil

Grading Pattern

Marks Range Grade Grade Point Remarks
91-100 A1 10 Outstanding
81-90 A2 09 Excellent
71-80 B1 08 Very Good
61-70 B2 07 Good
51-60 C1 06 Average
41-50 C2 05 Below Average
33-40 D 04 Satisfactory
21-32 E1 03 Re-appear
00-20 E2 02 Re-appear