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Vision: Embracing And Actualising

The Founder Principal of school, Mrs. Indira Khurana after shifting to Sirsa in 1980, joined a local public school for teaching. Gradually she realized that Education which was being catered in schools was lacking inclusively in Quality. The motive of education should be to prepare citizens of Critical thinking, having spirit of humanism and feeling of social responsibility. She observed the zest and enthusiasm building within herself for imparting education to its students in her own way. She embraced the vision of opening a school to provide Quality Education through carefully choreographed pattern of curriculum.
The result of that was the birth of Sawan Sr Sec School. The school became functional in rented building on 28th Feb, 1990. She is firm believer of Radha Swami Sant Mat & therefore name of school was kept as Sawan Public School in remembrance of Huzoor Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji . Full of indefatigable enthusiasm to materialize her dream, she unfolded her job profile with confidence. In short span of time, the school gained reputation & became byword of providing quality Education & individual attention to every student. In the year 1994 it was realized that rented building cannot provide enough space and exposure to its students. As per CBSE by-laws, Minimum 2 Acres of land was required. So she made a controversial rather bold decision to purchase a land in outskirts of city. Her decision was opposed by well wishers & Parents due to distance of land from city but she remained firm on her decision. Land was purchased and basic infrastructure was raised. The school got affiliation from CBSE upto Class XII in 2001.
Sawan is a testimony to far sighted Vision of its founder and Sincere & honest Efforts made to actualize her dream.